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The Museum of Baikonur cosmodrome was founded in January 1965. The idea of creating a museum belongs to the Chief designer of space rocket systems S.P. Korolyev and the head of the cosmodrome K.V. Gerchik. The museum consists of six exposition halls.


Four halls tell about the history of formation and development of the cosmodrome, two halls are dedicated to international cooperation in space. The exposition hall presents the information about enterprises of space industry and the history of the fifth State test cosmodrome of the Ministry of defense. Nowadays the Museum contains more than 10000 exhibits having historical and cultural value.

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The Museum complex includes Korolyev’s and Gagarin’s Memorial houses, full-size “Buran” mock-up, which was used in frequency tests and the exhibition of different samples of rocket and space technology outdoors.

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The uniqueness of the Museum is that there are unique exhibits, causing great interest among visitors. Among them is a space ejection seat with a mannequin, which was used to test parachute system during space flight test of “Vostok” type spacecraft on March 25, 1961; variants of returned sealed cabins, used while conducting medical and biological experiments on animals. The Museum has a historic launch vehicle control panel which was located in the launcher bunker of the command center of the launch complex, it was here that they gave a command  to launch the first artificial Earth satellite and the world’s first spaceship with a man on board. The highlight of the exposition is Colonel Gagarin’s original coat. Besides the Museum exhibits “Soyuz” spaceship descent capsule, cosmonaut’s space armchair, cosmonauts’ items of space life – food, clothes, drinking devices and a lot of other items.

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Each visitor of the Museum can fully touch and discover the epic history of the Earth’s first spaceport.

The price-list

of the Museum of FSUE “TsENKI” department “Yuznyi” Space center for delegations and Russian, Kazakh and foreign individuals .


Visiting Baikonur cosmodrome Memorial complex:


The name of service

The price for Russian and Kazakh citizens

The price for foreign citizens

The Museum of cosmonautics

(1 person)

150 rubles

500 rubles

Gagarin’s and Korolyev’s houses

(1 person)

50 rubles

150 rubles

“Buran” orbiter (1 person)

100 rubles

175 rubles

A guide  (1 hour)

450 rubles

550 rubles

A camera

100 rubles

180 rubles

A videocamera

170 rubles

300 rubles


250 rubles

500 rubles

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