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What do you have to do to visit Baikonur as a turist?

  1. 1)Learn carefully special conditions of visiting Baikonur complex.
  2. 2)Send an application for organizing a tour:
  1. 3)If you’ve decided to travel yourself (without travel agency assistance), you should do the following:
  • Send an application and coordinate the time of your arrival
  • Receive a confirmation
  • Pay your stay or sign the contract
  • Bye a return air or train ticket

Attention! Applications of Kazakh and Russian citizens are accepted 30 days before your visit, foreign citizens – 50 days before your visit.

Attention! As Baikonur complex is a regime object, tourists visiting Baikonur cosmodrome and town have to observe special conditions.

Attention! Launches schedule is adjusted within a year. Stay programs are not connected with  specific launches.


VISA! If transfer is implemented through Russia foreign citizens need double-entry Russian visa, if through Kazakhstan a disposable Kazakh visa is enough.

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